Energy News
October 2020

Vodafone UK has reduced its carbon footprint, saving 100GWh of energy, equivalent to 25,000 tonnes of CO2,, in three years. The energy saved could power a town with a population of 65,000 people for a year and represents a financial saving of around £10m.
Friday October 9, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More
Leading US cities are expanding their clean energy efforts to tackle climate change, yet many more lag far behind, and only one-fifth have community-wide greenhouse gas reductions goals and are on track to meet them, according to the 2020 City Clean Energy Scorecard.
Thursday October 8, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More
When it comes to improving the energy efficiency and reducing the energy consumption of your commercial building(s), measuring and monitoring the right metrics is essential.
Wednesday October 7, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a £1bn Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme as part of the Chancellor’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ commitment to support the UK’s economic recovery from COVID-19, supporting skilled jobs in the low carbon and energy efficiency sectors.
Tuesday October 6, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More




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