Energy News
November 2020

Hundreds of businesses tied into usage agreements with their energy supplier may be forced to pay millions of pounds for electricity they have not used since March and into this second lockdown, Co-op CEO Steve Murrells (pictured) has warned.
Friday November 27, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More
BT has teamed up with environment-focused charity Hubbub to help households reduce their carbon emissions through the use of smart technology.
Friday November 27, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More
Riding Sunbeams has been awarded the grant to build the solar farm to power the rail network between Eastbourne and London.
Thursday November 26, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More
As part of the Accelerator Cities programme the UK Green Building Council has launched an interactive map designed to showcase leading local authority policies and programmes which address domestic energy efficiency.
Tuesday November 24, 2020 |  0 Comments Read More




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