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The pressure to save energy is on and not only within the commercial and industrial sectors.  With over 20% of the total UK energy use being attributed to our homes, every household is now being asked to be more energy efficient.  This will not only help to reduce domestic energy bills but also assist the UK in hitting its carbon reduction targets.

However, it is not just about turning off the stand-by button on our televisions.  House builders, housing associations and local authorities realise that fundamental changes need to be made in the way that homes are designed, built and operated.

Where do these individuals responsible for the UK’s residential housing stock obtain their information?  Well one leading source is Energy@Home which is now published three times a year and is the sister publication to Energy in Buildings & Industry (EiBI).  With a mixture of technology, news, opinions and controversy, Energy@Home is the ideal platform to debate the energy issues of tomorrow.

Each issue will take a close look at how the UK’s domestic property market is becoming more energy efficient.  By 2016 the government is aiming for every new home to be zero carbon.  Energy@Home will examine how the house building industry can meet this demanding target date.  What are the likely technologies to be used in the construction of the houses of the future?  Will smart metering become commonplace in the homes of the next decade?  And what about the appliances of the future?  Will they continue to become more energy efficient?

At the heart of the government’s policy is the Green Deal.  The full implications will be revealed during 2013 and Energy@Home will be following developments every step of the way.

Energy@Home will also focus on the huge role refurbishment will have in bringing the UK’s housing stock up to standard.  At present, 16m homes do not have cavity wall insulation and 5m people still live in fuel poverty. Will government policies tackle these deep-rooted problems?

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  • The Green Deal
  • Heating and cooling
  • Building Regulations
  • Homes of the future
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Low- to zero-carbon homes
  • Smart technology
  • Thermal imaging
  • Renewables