About Us

Energyzine is the online media for all individuals who are responsible for improving the energy efficiency of their building, organisation or housing stock in both the public and private sectors and covers the whole spectrum from domestic through to commercial and industrial. 

In recent years the whole subject of energy has been highly topical, with constant debate about the high levels of carbon dioxide caused by the current modes of energy production and our continued reliance on fossil fuel which is a finite energy source.  As reserves of fossil fuel diminish, the cost of retrieving the source will become more expensive and coupled with the ongoing problem of emissions and serious issues regarding the security of supply, other solutions have to be found.

Therefore, we have to examine the different methods of energy production available to us such as renewable technologies and look at the varying degrees of impact they have on the environment.  There is no simple ‘silver bullet’ solution and it is clear, that it is not just a simple case of switching from non-renewable energy to renewable energy.  The level of energy consumption has to be reduced and UK Plc has to become more energy efficient.   

Given the fact that every company and organisation is looking to cut their energy consumption and costs, Energyzine provides all the latest in-depth news including Government policy proposals and parliamentary issues, as well as feedback on the impact of new legislation in both the UK and abroad.  It will also give visitors to the site the up to date details of trends, products and services which are currently available to reduce the amount of energy we consume. 

For those who wish to interact with other industry professionals, the site provides forums, webinars, blogs and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  Subscribers can also register for regular newsletters and will find useful links to all the major industry organisations. 

Energyzine is owned by Pinede Publishing Limited, publishers of the Industry’s leading monthly title Energy in Buildings & Industry which was launched in the early 1980’s.  Visitors to the site can register for the publication and will also have access to the impressive archive section.