"We shall overcomb"...Our editor has his say on Trump

Ive not signed the petition and I’ve no intention of signing the petition. President Trump should be allowed to come to the UK and afforded the formalities of any other democratically elected leader.

As for addressing Parliament, I’m not so sure. However, I’m sure that he should be allowed to express his opinions here and make his case for his controversial policies.

One of those must be climate change. His election has thrown the whole topic up in the air. From the signing of the Paris Agreement when a global deal on reducing emissions seemed likely and a global consensus reached we seem to have descended towards an age where, thanks to President Trump, climate change doubters seem to be calling the shots.

One of his first anticlimate change policies seems to be aimed entirely at “reducing burdensome regulations on our energy industry.” Among the first interventions his administration has made is to block the adoption of any new energy efficiency standards for energy-consuming products - presumably with the intention of helping increase fuel sales in consequence. This ban is even affecting four new nationwide energy-saving standards, each of which had already been agreed, and each of which had been due to come into force just days after Trump became President.

In the UK climate change doubters seem to have had a new lease of life. In the wake of the Brexit vote there is a possibility of those European standards that have helped the energy efficiency cause being swept aside. So are we entering an era when climate change and with it energy saving are discarded? I don’t believe so. There are now over 2.2m in the energy efficiency sector in the US. Surely Trump wouldn’t want to put these in jeopardy.

And move away from Government and the global mood among business, consumers and most countries is favourable towards economic growth that is sustainable and cuts costs for consumers. I am certain that the Trump age is a small bump in the road, soon be consigned to history by a wave of popular demand.

That is no excuse for complacency. Climate scientists and everybody involved in building an economic future built on improving our environment must continue to shout long and hard for its benefits. Even if it is only through 140 characters.

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