Apple co-founder Wozniak reveals Malta-based blockchain start-up

Leading tech giant Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has unveiled an energy efficiency blockchain startup based in Malta.

Wozniak says EFFORCE, which he co-founded, can help people “save money on energy but also to do well on the environment”.

Wozniak revealed the new company during an appearance at the pre-launch of the Delta Summit, with the technology mogul claiming that efficiency has always been important to him.

“Blockchain will improve the way we use energy and lower energy consumption without changing our habits,” he said.

EFFORCE states that it is aiming to provide the first blockchain-based energy efficiency platform and be “recognized as the first and main platform in the world for tokenized energy savings.”

Along with helping found the company, Wozniak has also invested his own money into the venture, arguing that it is a unique business model and can have a great impact on the entrepreneurship.

Wozniak commented that in terms of energy preservation, the new startup has been “extremely successful” adding that he chose to base the underlying system on blockchain technology because the technology is inherently more secure than traditional servers.

Wozniak shared a bit of history of how he and his co-founder came to choose Malta as the place to establish the company. According to Wozniak, he has always wanted to live in Malta for a very long time. “It has been on my mind for decades. Like no other place in the world,” he said. Wozniak assert that Malta’s regulatory environment is extremely supportive of blockchain innovations, saying  that the government’s willingness to support blockchain startups and ventures was actually instrumental in deciding on the location.

Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri, who was also present at the pre-launch event, says that the Maltese government had been looking for a sector to diversify into in order to disrupt its economy for the better when it settled on the nascent blockchain industry.

“We wanted to disrupt the way we do things and embrace technology,” he said.

EFFORCE’s LinkedIn profile reveals that the company was founded back in January 2018 with Wozniak’s cofounder in the company shown as renewable and environmental professional Jacopo Visetti.

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