Biggest battery in Britain to be managed by Limejump

Limejump has won a contract to manage UK Power Networks’ Smarter Network Storage facility, the biggest battery in Britain, in the balancing markets.

Through dynamic frequency response, Limejump will ensure that the battery, located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, continues to support the increase of renewables in the UK’s energy mix when it’s not supporting the local distribution network.

UK Power Networks, which distributes electricity to more than 8m homes and businesses across London, the South East and the East of England, developed the first large standalone battery in the UK to trial the technology and aid the transition to a more flexible electricity system. The company has outsourced the commercial operations of the facility to ensure that engagement with the market is done independently to meet its legal obligations as a DNO.

The battery has an energy storage capacity of 6MW and 10MWh, which is enough to import or export continually 6MW of power for an hour and a half, and its principal function is to support the local network during winter peaks. Limejump will use the battery’s energy the rest of the year to help keep the transmission grid balanced through demand response at sub-second granularity.

When fluctuations from balancing the grid with renewable power generation occur, Limejump will be able to action quick charges and discharges, with the use of batteries.

Limejump claims to operate the largest portfolio of energy storage projects in the UK, combining speed of response with the flexibility of distributed generators and commercial assets to enable the full portfolio to participate in the UK’s only dynamic frequency response contracts.

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