CHP system proposed in new Chelsea FC stadium plans

Chelsea Football Club is set to include a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant as part of its new stadium proposal; however the club are still set to fall short of London’s carbon reduction targets.

The planned development of Stamford Bridge, which will incorporate LED bulbs and lighting management technology alongside the CHP system, will not achieve the capital’s carbon reductions target of 35 per cent as the ground is only able to produce 12 per cent under its current plans.

A number of renewable technologies were rejected by Chelsea FC in the planning phase, including wind and solar, with the latter being dismissed because of the risk of the panels being ineffective due to “shading” from part of the roof design.

The club will now have to make financial contributions to a local decarbonisation fund to help reduce CO2 emissions off-site, something that Chelsea FC have acknowledged in the conclusion of its strategy document.

The size of the CHP engine is set to be 161kW thermal/90kW electrical and is expected to save more than 133 tonnes of CO2 each year, the equivalent to around 7 per cent of the stadium’s total carbon emissions, according to ME Engineers, who have collaborated with the club on the project.

The strategy document concludes that CHP would “increase carbon reduction compared to passive measures” already involved in the plans, including thermally enclosed areas.

ME Engineers used the stadium’s projected base heating load to determine the ideal size of any CHP generator, based around it operating for 14 hours each day. Daily demand was determined to be 1,948.92kWh per day. Any CHP system would also be expected to run for at least 5,110 hours each year to ensure its financial feasibility.

Energy in Buildings & Industry contacted both Chelsea FC and ME Engineers for comment but they have yet to respond.

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