CUB UK announces alternative to energy brokers

UK-based energy consultancy CUB UK has unveiled a new initiative aiming to help SME’s become more energy efficient and provide an alternative to using energy brokers.

The Smart Energy Collective is geared towards smaller businesses with less energy consumption, with the initiative being set up to not only secure the best supplier contracts, but also to monitor consumption levels and offer advice on energy conservation.

CUB UK, which is based in Cambridgeshire, claims that SME’s will struggle to find the right deal due to their lower consumption rates, wheras larger organisations with higher levels of energy usage can make the most of their buying power taking advantage of the vast number of options open to them.

The company emphasises the fact that the service will be offered to businesses of all sizes.

Melinda Fairfax, marketing director at CUB UK, believes that researching the energy market can take time and without the right knowledge there is no guarantee of getting the best deal available.

“Securing the best deals depends on levels of consumption and it was apparent there were very few options available for SME’s with lower consumption levels,” she said.

“We realised we could obtain the best deals for our smaller sized clients by ‘grouping’ a number of businesses together so they would benefit from the bulk energy purchase. 

“Securing energy prices at competitive rates has enabled SME’s to benefit from the best deals on the market place as much as large organisations. We are delighted to be able to open our service to a wider audience.”

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