Data centre managers rank energy efficiency fourth in importance

Energy efficiency ranks fourth in terms of important considerations for data center managers, claims a new report by Super Micro Computer, Inc.

The report, “Data Centers and The Environment,” highlights the need for IT managers to quantify the real impact data centers can have on the environment and some of the opportunities to significantly minimize the impact.

The report found that 43% of respondent companies have no existing environmental policy, and half of those companies have no plan to develop one in the near future. These companies stated they avoid considering environmental issues because they consider them too expensive (29%), they lack resources or understanding (27%), or environmental issues are simply not a company priority (14%).

The survey also found that 58% of businesses already have an environmental policy in place, but only 28% of respondents consider environmental issues in the selection of datacenter technology. Similarly, only 9% indicated energy efficiency as the top criterion when setting datacenter design strategy.

The report documents the usage of power efficiency metrics in the data center and peer group comparisons to help datacenter managers benchmark their performance. The survey found that 59% of respondents considered power efficiency as “extremely important” or “important” to their actual datacenter design.

However, over half of the respondents (58%) are still not measuring Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), which is the ratio of total energy used by a datacenter facility to the energy delivered to the IT equipment.  For those that did measure PUE, 22% have an average datacenter PUE of 2.0 or higher, and only 6% are with the ideal range between 1.0 and 1.19.

 “The findings of this new research report should help start the conversation in the IT industry on the impact of data centers on the environment,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro.

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