Energy Assets Group unifies related services into one brand

Energy Assets Group has combined its metering and related services into a unified brand, bringing together the Group’s electricity metering, data collection and aggregator business, Bglobal Metering (BgM), in order to trade as ‘Energy Assets’.

The change, which has been in effect since July 19 this year, aims to enhance customer access to the firm’s “end-to-end portfolio” of multi-utility products and services, including advanced metering, AMR, data analytics and control systems, while also following the recent launch of Energy Assets Utilities, a leading supplier of multi-utility network services covering gas, electricity and water.

Energy Assets Group, Britain’s largest independent provider of industrial and commercial (I&C) gas metering services by number of assets owned and managed, claims the move will “broaden the reach of its rapidly growing multi-utility offer to Britain’s I&C business sector.”

David Sing, Managing Director of Energy Assets, emphasises the fact that since the acquisition of BgM in 2014 the company has extended its in-house service delivery resources and capability, launched a multi-utility energy management portal, called WebAnalyser, for its customers, extended its offer into big data analytics with AMR DNA and introduced control systems capable of switching electrical loads remotely and on-demand.

“Now the time is right to bring all of our energy-related products and services together under the Energy Assets name to make it as easy as possible for our customers to gain the support they need, irrespective of whether their needs are for services in gas, electricity, water or multi-utility,” he said.

“This rebranding process utilises the strength of the Energy Assets name and brings clarity to service provision in every area of operation.

“We are moving from collecting and analysing consumption data as a means of benchmarking performance into an era increasingly focused on identifying and eradicating energy waste and applying dynamic load control. 

“By simplifying access to our growing portfolio of innovative products and services, we aim to help energy managers develop and implement strategies that ultimately reduce energy usage, save money and meet their carbon reduction commitments.”

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