Energy policies and cost big concerns for UK manufacturers

The impact of new European energy policy, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the cost of energy are the biggest causes of concern among Britain’s manufacturers, new research from npower Business Solutions has revealed.

87 per cent of manufacturing businesses are worried about the impact of European energy policy in 2017, with the report coming after the release of the European Commission’s “Clean Energy For All Europeans” package, more commonly known as the “Winter Package”.

The legislative proposals are part of a package of more than 40 planned measures to standardise the European Union’s energy markets, while UK energy policy makers are also launching a range of consultations on the future shape of the UK’s energy market as pressure continues to ensure clean, affordable and reliable energy supplies.

David Reed, Head of npower Business Solutions claims that the “shape” of Brexit remains “the great unknown.”

“If there is one thing that is highly clear and unlikely to change however, it is that increased system flexibility is going to continue to be a key objective for the government. It is also going to be a considerable opportunity for businesses to bring down their energy costs,” he said.

“We were pleased to find that over three quarters of businesses were aware of the upcoming developments in the energy sector in 2017.

“The UK remains characterised by a shift towards a more flexible energy market; the need to replace generation capacity as older thermal plants are phased out; and strong pressure to meeting legally binding emissions targets in 2020 and 2050.

“Manufacturers are understandably concerned about the complex bundle of proposals hitting the market. We have been working with our customers to cut through the noise and help them capitalise on the opportunities afforded by those that can flex their load."

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