EU Commission reveals new efficiency plans

Further funding opportunities for sustainable energy and energy efficiency projects under Horizon 2020 have been announced by the European Commission, following the widespread interest it has gained during the Sustainable Energy Investment Forum.

In particular, five new funding calls for different action centers have entered into force.
As transmits, the first call is for seven million euros of funding to be allocated to projects that will bring renewable energy sources into the forefront as a means of complete refurbishment services to personal housing.
The same amount will be invested in the development of larger projects in the field of renewable energy. It is a program, similar to the ELENA mechanism, with an emphasis on investments of between EUR 7.5 and 50 million.
At the same time, the aim is to extend the use of flexible techniques that use environmentally-friendly energy efficiency and integrate it into the manufacturing and renewal processes on a daily basis.
Based on this pillar, € 6 million will be allocated to innovation actions and energy efficiency investments, as well as six million to integrate these innovations and technologies.
Finally, four million euros are available to develop products and smart services that will focus on expanding the energy efficiency market.

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