Former Labour minister unveils new radio wave energy technology

A new technology that turns airborne radio waves into usable energy has been unveiled by a former Labour minister.

Freevolt, reportedly the first technology on the market capable of extracting energy from routers and broadcast signals including 4G mobile data, was showcased at London's Royal Institution by Lord Drayson, who is now the owner of Drayson Technologies.

The device is claimed to allow low energy devices such as sensors to operate without being plugged in, whilst also not requiring any extra infrastructure or energy.

Lord Drayson explained the fact that companies have been researching how to harvest energy from WiFi, cellular and broadcast networks for many years.

He said: “It is difficult because there is only a small amount of energy to harvest and achieving the right level of rectifying efficiency has been the issue, up until now.

“Whether we live in a big city or an increasingly urbanised area in the developing world, radio frequency waves are being generated all around us, at different levels, all the time.

“Some of this wireless energy goes unused. At Drayson Technologies, we’ve figured out a way to make it useful.”

A commercial application that harnesses the new technology, called CleanSpace, has already been introduced by Drayson Technologies, which uses Freevolt’s energy harvesting power, along with a mobile app, to enable users to visualize and monitor air pollution levels wherever they are.

As users travel, they’ll see high-pollution zones in red, moderate in amber and low in green, meaning they can plan cleaner routes and monitor their exposure over time.

The CleanSpace app also recognises when a member is making a journey without causing any pollution, either by cycling, running or walking, and records these journeys as CleanMiles, rewarding clean journeys with free cups of coffee.

The Freevolt technology and CleanSpace app have already gained support from GSK, King’s College London, British Lung Foundation and BMW.

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