LED Eco Lights announce London Underground roll-out

Transport for London is moving towards much greater use of LEDs throughout the network of rail, tube, bus stations and bus shelters. It will allow for greater energy savings as well as savings in maintenance costs.

LED Eco Lights has announced products from its Goodlight LED lighting range have been approved for use across Transport for London’s network in both Section 12 and non-Section 12 areas, such as the tube, rail and bus stations, depots and bus shelters (officially listed on the London Underground’s Approved Product Register).

Dr Leon Smith, project director said: “The network is transitioning to much greater use of LED lighting, partly because of its energy efficiency, but mostly due to the huge savings in maintenance and labour costs more advanced technologies allow. This reflects our new approach to procurement, taking a long term view and looking at the whole life-cycle costs for all the products we install across the network.”

Goodlight LED lights are ideal for TfL stations, depots and bus shelters as they are easy to retrofit, provide immediate energy savings over fluorescent and other technologies and last much longer. The two approved products are Goodlight T8 LED tubes which are mandated for use where LED tubes are required, in all non-section 12 areas and G360 LED SON replacements which can be used anywhere on the network. Available in warm, daylight and natural colours, the Goodlight T8 LED tubes are specifically designed for retrofitting into existing fittings.

The Goodlight G360 LED SON lamp range has been designed to provide retrofit LED replacement for standard SON and metal halide lamps, enabling optimum lighting performance, while delivering dramatic efficiencies of up to 80 per cent. The lamp incorporates a MagLev based cooling system to draw away waste heat, maximising its efficiency and lifetime. Both lamps have a lifetime of 50,000 hours or eleven years of use at twelve hours per day and are covered by a comprehensive fiveyear warranty.

Philip Edgecombe, commercial director, LED Eco Lights, stated: “We are delighted that our products have met with the quality and performance criteria specified by the London Underground and Transport for London. As an organisation, TfL manage, maintain and operate in lightingcritical environments, servicing millions of passengers annually. No one understands lighting better than they do. Their commitment to health and safety excellence is exceptional and the testing procedures they carry out are unrivalled.”

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