London museum declares ‘planetary emergency’

The Natural History Museum has declared a ‘planetary emergency’ and become the first museum in the world to set a science-based carbon reduction target in line with the Paris climate agreement 1.5°C global warming trajectory.

The Kensington-based museum has also revealed its new vision and strategy devised in response to the multiple and myriad challenges facing the planet as a result of humanity’s impact. The eleven-year strategy opens with Sir David Attenborough’s quote “The future of the natural world, on which we all depend, is in your hands,” a powerful reminder that it will require everyone to work together to create a sustainable future both for the planet and human civilisation. It plots the future course for the international scientific research centre and world-class tourist attraction to 2031, the 150thanniversary of its South Kensington Waterhouse building.

Director of the Natural History Museum Sir Michael Dixon says: “We are facing a planetary emergency. Humanity’s future depends on the natural world, but we are not taking effective action to combat our destructive impact on the planet’s survival systems. Climate change, biodiversity loss and extinctions, habitat destruction, pollution and deforestation are just some of the crises which all flow from unsustainable human activity. 

“In this time of unprecedented threat, we need an unprecedented global response. Our strategy is built around our vision of a future where people and planet thrive. Our ethos is one of hope that by working together we can change the current path. The Museum is well placed to make a difference, it is a world-leading science research centre and our 300 scientists represent one of the largest groups in the world working on natural diversity.”

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