Metering boss criticises continual use of ‘low-cost’ products

Managing director of MWA Technology Martin Wardell has spoken out against the continual use of low-quality products within the metering industry.

The independent metering specialist, which has recently unveiled its new AS Series Ultrasonic Flometer, receives daily calls for assistance regarding failed meters.

Wardell claims that the consistent use of sub-par meters, whose life expectancy is extremely low, is “an indictment of the lack of care taken by consulting engineers” who fail to detail heat meters using ultrasonic flow sensors, which will operate accurately for up to 20 years.

“Estimators in building services and system integrators have been weaned on this low cost solution and have the ‘approach’ that as long as they perform for 12 months, they can wash their hands of any future issues,” he said.

“Purchase departments generally can be persuaded by some suppliers, especially when the specification is vague, that low grade and lower cost meters can be used without considering the accurate life expectancy of the meters.

“While many consulting engineers have realised that heat meters must be MIS Class II certified, when it comes to specifying water meters they specify WRAS approved and MID certified but they fail to specify the accuracy class. This should be R400 minimum which are UK water utility grade meters.”

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