NMC creates renewable pipe insulation from sugarcane

NMC, the leading international player in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams has developed a foam based on renewable raw materials for use in pipe insulation.

This innovation significantly improved the climate and energy performance of NMC products and helps towards protecting the climate and resources.

The new NMC Naturefoam is made mainly from polyethylene manufactured from sugarcane. Sugarcane grows back every year absorbing CO2 as it grows.

NMC Naturefoam is available for NMC brands CLIMAFLEX and EXZENTROFLEX.

Technical pipe insulation products carrying the proven NMC quality brands CLIMAFLEX and EXZENTROFLEX are improved by the use of at least 50 per cent renewable materials. Recycled manufacturing scrap and additives to improve insulation values and fire protection complete the composition.

CLIMAFLEX and EXZENTROFLEX have the same technical properties as the previous CLIMAFLEX in terms of:

• insulation values;

• fire performance;

• simple installation by craftsman; and

• longevity.

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