Over 1,800 organisations facing ESOS investigation

The Environment Agency (EA) is investigating up to 1,700 organisations for potentially failing to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) before the final deadline.

Regulators claim the organisations “may have been” required to carry out audits and submit their compliance information before the January 29 deadline, but failed to do so.

The organisations could risk incurring a basic fine of £50,000, along with an additional fine of £800 per day up to a maximum of 80 days. A further 150 organisations that have officially informed the EA of their intent to comply late are also being monitored closely, according to the government agency.

The EA claims that is has been looking at corporate data following the original 5th December 2015 deadline and the 62-day grace period to identify the organisations that should be participating in ESOS.

“We will normally use enforcement notices to bring organisations into compliance, serving civil penalties only in the most serious cases,” a spokesperson for the EA said. “Compliance notices can be served in cases where we suspect a breach and require further information.”

The ESOS Enforcement Team is now targeting those organisations deemed to be the highest risk, with a number of compliance and ESOS enforcement notices having already been issued.

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