Scotland and Wales potential sites for floating wind projects

DP Energy and Floating Power Plant have formed a joint venture to evaluate and potentially develop two sites in Scotland and Wales for floating offshore wind and wave energy hybrid demonstration projects.

The deal could see the sites up and running by 2020, with DP Energy chief executive Simon De Pietro emphasising how floating offshore wind will be a significant part of the renewable energy market, exploiting new areas of resource while reducing the cost of deployment, operation and maintenance and thus the cost of the energy generated.

“There are a number of promising floating wind technologies seeking to address distinct environmental and engineering challenges.

“For sites with a significant wave regime DP Energy believes Floating Power Plant provides one of the most promising hybrid technologies in the sector for extracting both wind and wave energy and we have chosen to partner with them on two pilot demonstration projects in the UK leading to potential commercial project developments, each with a capacity of around 200MW.”

Danish outfit Floating Power Plant has developed the P80 technology platform, which could combine a 5MW–8MW floating wind turbine with a 2MW to 3.6MW wave device.

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