Shell to make available electric vehicle charging offering

Shell Energy is launching a new electric vehicle (EV) charging offer including an EV tariff and charger.

The offer includes a discounted home smart charger installed for £299, a saving of 14 per cent compared to the retail price of £349. 

The charger, provided byShell-owned NewMotion, provides 7kW of power, charging a typical EV in five hours, Shell said. It will be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, with Shell Energyswitching to 100 per cent renewables last year as it re-branded from First Utility.

There is also access to a 24/7 helpdesk provided, with the offer also including a dedicated EV tariff allowing 2,000 miles worth of free charging per year. This is based on the average cost of 4p per mile and is equivalent to £80 annual credit.

In addition, through the Shell Recharge app customers are to have access to 135,000 charge points across Europe and 2,000 in the UK. Drivers will also have access to Shell Recharge points on Shell forecourts, with 200 expected by the end of the year, Shell said.

Charging solutions and bundles have been launched by a number of energy suppliers as e-mobility continues to grow.OVOandScottishPowerhave both launched bundles, and Octopus Electric Vehicles launched a fleet charging bundle and home charging solution last month. EV-specific tariffs are also becoming increasingly common, with bothE.Onand SSElaunching tariffs.

Colin Crooks, CEO of Shell Energy, said: “We support the need for the UK to move faster to meet climate targets and our research shows that there is also public support for the earlier ban on traditional car sales.”

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