Smart hub signs 50-year energy solutions deal

This is Gravity Ltd, the landowner of 635 acres in Bridgwater, near Bristol, has signed a 50-year agreement with E.ON to provide renewable and low carbon energy solutions for its smart campus, Gravity, which is currently under development.

Gravity, the UK’s first commercial smart campus, is making a clear commitment to delivering clean growth in the UK. Gravity’s design – informed through consultation with a team of economic analysts as well as sustainability and environmental specialists – responds to the shifting global trends in consumption, energy use, automation, and digitalisation, creating thousands of long-term jobs.

E.ON’s role as energy partner is a key part of this, as it will deliver an alternative to standard utility grid connections by providing an on-site, integrated energy service through lower carbon and resilient power, heating, and cooling systems. 

The agreement aims to combine the capabilities of Gravity and E.ON to allow both entities to capitalise on the strong and accelerating demand for low-carbon energy solutions that organisations and their employees demand. 

The scheme will attract responsible and fast-growing companies associated with advanced manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, assembly, and distribution space, R&D and offices.

Michael Lewis, chief executive, E.ON UK, said: “When we talk about the new energy future and our work supporting the UK’s net-zero ambitions, we’re pretty much describing what will be happening at Gravity as it becomes home to some of the world’s most innovative businesses.

“This really is us building tomorrow’s business. What we offer at Gravity will be bespoke to the needs of the tenants and allows us to bring our specialist knowledge and Europe-wide experience in providing smart, personalised and sustainable solutions for businesses.”


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