Smart meter installations hit one million in 2020

Over one million smart meters have been installed in GB in 2020 so far following yet another month of recovery from a massive drop in installations due to COVID-19, according to ElectraLink, the body responsible for operating the data hub that underpins the UK energy market.

Just under 183,000 smart meters were installed in August – 20 per cent more than July. The figures for last month still show a 17 per cent drop against the same period last year, but the gap is closing. Over the same eight months last year, 1.761m smart meters were installed.

East England had the highest figure with 24,000 installations, southern England followed closely with 22,000 installs and east Midlands with 18,000.

The fall in installations seen in 2020 were as a result of lockdown, with installations pausing from Marchbefore restarting again in June.

As a result, the governmentextended the obligation for suppliers to take all reasonable steps (ARS) to install smart meters by six months, with suppliers now having until July 2021 to meet the installation milestones required for the ARS stage of the smart meter rollout.

August was not the only month to see a resurgence in installations, however. Installations in July grew by 120 per cent compared to June, with 52,000 meters installed.

The cumulative number of installations since the programme began is now 13,806,000.

In the third quarter of last year, BEIS announced the smart meter installs rollout deadline would be pushed back to 2024, andOfgemhas indicated it will review its planned works for 2020.

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