UK firm aim for energy communications breakthrough

Reactive Technologies, a UK-based smart grid and demand-side response (DSR) company, has demonstrated a world first in energy communications technology, following a successful nationwide project with National Grid and SSE.

The company’s Grid Data and Measurement System (GDMS) technology offers an entirely new and cost-effective way of communicating with electrical assets or devices connected to an electricity network, marking a significant step towards a smart energy revolution.

Traditional approaches to communicating with assets require a reliable internet or mobile communication connection in addition to an individual meter, which can prove financially prohibitive and limit the viability of DSR schemes that incorporate thousands of smaller assets.

Many assets are excluded from existing DSR arrangements due to a lack of remote connectivity. GDMS provides an alternative, costeffective solution to this by using the frequency of the electricity network to carry data.

Additionally, GDMS will give electricity network operators greater insight into the behaviour of ‘prosumers’ – customers who have the ability to generate, consume and store their own electricity. The data provided by GDMS will provide a clearer picture of how electricity is generated and consumed at the distribution network level.

GDMS will allow network operators to reduce costs and pass savings on to electricity consumers by improving the accuracy of forecasting models and the purchase of energy reserves.

Marc Borrett, CEO for Reactive commented: “The European energy industry is turning on its head. For several years we’ve witnessed the gradual transformation of the sector from centralised energy generation, which relies heavily on fossil fuels, to a model that will be determined by the ‘3Ds’ – decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation.

“In the past the energy sector has drawn upon mechanical and electrical engineering skills to meet its technical needs. Now it is time for change.”

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