UK launch for commercial and industrial hydrogen boiler

UK-based green hydrogen project developer, Protium, together with its sister company, Deuterium, is bringing a hydrogen-based heating solution to the UK.

Deuterium was launched this year to develop and commercialise new hydrogen technologies and has signed an exclusive IP licensing agreement with US-based Hydrogen Technologies Inc (HTI). The agreement aims to commercialise the company’s Hydrogen Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC), being the first project of its kind in the UK.

The DCC burns hydrogen and oxygen in a partial vacuum to create heat and steam. These can then be used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, or to generate emission-free electricity, with the only by-product of the process being clean water. Deuterium acquired the licensing rights for this technology from the Californian company Hydrogen Technologies Inc. in May of this year.

Deuterium will initially focus on identifying market participants to manufacture and assemble the system, with partner Protium identifying and working to develop the first commercial-scale pilot site in UK.

Once deployed and operational, the solution will significantly support the decarbonisation of heating for properties in the UK, by providing a zero emission, low water usage heating system capable of displacing the use of fossil fuels for end-users. Protium is in discussions with several major UK industrial manufacturers to investigate viability of blending hydrogen and natural gas solutions to delay emissions and accelerate their net zero trajectory.

Decarbonisation of heat is essential for the UK to achieve its ambition of Net Zero emissions. The UK government has stated, in its 2018 Industrial Fuel Switching report, that hydrogen has the greatest technical potential to achieve decarbonisation of the UK’s industrial heat demand. Of 180TWh of industrial heat demand, hydrogen could provide 90TWh, almost double the maximum potential of electricity and 40 per cent more than bioenergy.

However, deploying green hydrogen and hydrogen thermal systems into industrial systems is crucial. Indeed, in its 2020 Net Zero report the Food & Drink Federation referred to the DCC solution as an available boiler technology that could support decarbonisation.

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