UK Power Reserve partnership to boost battery storage portfolio

UK Power Reserve is partnering with Fluence to deliver the first 60 MW phase of a 120 MW battery storage portfolio.

The portfolio was secured through the capacity market auctions in 2016 at a price of £22.50 per kW/h.

The 60 MW currently under development will be distributed across three 20 MW sites located in the Midlands and North West, and serve regional grids. Fluence says it will use its Advancion energy storage technology platform to meet the ancillary grid service needs.

The three sites are expected to be fully operational by winter 2018/19, according to the companies. As a stand alone system, the batteries are not coupled with renewable energy assets, though using the batteries’ functions, Fluence says it will be easier to integrate variable renewable energy assets into the grid.

UK Power Reserve is a U.K.-based flexible generator, sourcing energy from small-scale assets close to local communities to balance and support the grid on a local level.

Sam Wither, Head of UK Power Reserve, believes battery storage will play an important part enabling the smart, flexible energy system of the future.

“UK Power Reserve is already front and centre as we bring our commitments online quickly and efficiently,” he said.

“Together with our rapid response gas assets, we continue to demonstrate that we can deliver secure, low carbon electricity, value to the consumer and commercial success without compromise.”

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