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    Ameresco provides innovative energy management solutions, including energy supply, invoice management and demand response services for commercial, industrial, manufacturing utility, government, education, higher education, healthcare and public housing customers.

    We are passionate in our commitment to energy services and renewable solutions while relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction.

    As an independent supplier we are able to select the most cost effective and tailored solutions for its customers.

    Ameresco is experienced in supporting organisations on energy and climate change compliance matters. We offer carbon management services to improve the performance of existing energy systems and address the introduction of new energy-efficient technologies, on-site generation, energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) and awareness training.

    Through our consultancy services we work in partnership with clients to identify energy saving opportunities. As we are happy to stand by our recommendations, we are more than willing to implement them if our clients so wish. We offer project management service to ensure that identified energy savings are implemented and that maximum benefits are achieved in the shortest possible timeframe.
    Centrica Business Solutions
      Our innovative distributed energy solutions, including market-leading CHP help organisations improve cost and carbon performance and stay ahead by improving operational resilience and operational efficiency.
      E.ON Connecting Energies
        ENER-G Combined Power Limited
          NewEnCo Limited
            NewEnCo specialise in the distribution of energy efficient power technologies in the UK including CHP (Combined Heat and Power), microturbine, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle), Biomass CHP and Energy Storage.

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